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You are NOT a "goddess," and You Don't Want to Be

"You are a goddess." 
This statement is taped to the wall of my doctor's office, plastered all across social media, texted to me on occasion, and tucked inside of most women's books, blogs, and podcasts.
I never really bothered about it or even noticed it that much. I wrote it off as a lie that any intelligent woman would never believe. Only those crazy soccer women buy into that nonsense, right? 
But then I became a Mother. And I found this lie being force fed to me at every opportunity. If you thought being a woman made you a goddess, being a Mom makes you a god of the goddesses. It became exhausting. And isn't that the way every lie is? We are always at enmity with the peace and rest and goodness we find in the grace of God. Man's ways are always antithetical to grace.
Not only is the world telling me this lie, but I find many Christians, especially on social media, promoting it. Maybe not in so many words, but there is a strong belief in the ability of a woma…

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