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All profitable learning begins with an acknowledgement of God. You can't really know anything well until you first know Him. And a true mastery of any skill starts with a reverence and submission to the Master.  This is not just true for the official scholar, but for the unofficial as well. Those who dabble in new hobbies are not just entertaining themselves. Or at least, the Christian hobbyist is not.  There is always an element in all new skills that involves humility, a submission to God's world and the laws He has placed upon us.  The mathematician is as subject to this as the baker. The engineer cannot ignore the laws of creation any more than the stay-at-home Mom, waiting for her dough to rise.  Both must have some degree of understanding regarding the laws of their craft. Both would be boring indeed if they never wondered where these laws came from. Why does a warm, moist environment give such strength to yeast?  This is the beauty of the world we live in: t

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