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Small Doings

This is backyard gardening: a working toward rejoicing in the tiny harvest of red, red beauty because it's fun.  I don't garden because it's the end of the world, and I think I'm going to feed my family in the next Apocalypse. I'm way too dependent on Ace and Tractor Supply to think I could maintain this without Chinese manufacturing. I don't garden because it's a morally superior activity to say: learning to play the piano or sew or read a book or take a nap. I'm not racking up righteousness with every weed I pull.  I don't garden because the harvest is so abundant that I just have to drop those seeds. I don't always succeed at my gardening endeavors, and sometimes the harvest is quite measly.  Sure, we get a harvest and depending on the plant, sometimes we get a significant harvest. We have eaten a lot of collard greens this Winter, and I hope to eat myself silly on okra this Summer.  But if you were to calculate this process based

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